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Rachana Architect is a prominent architecture and interior design firm based in Gujarat, established in 1990 by Ar. Sanjay Doshi. With a strong commitment to excellence, we create designs that seamlessly blend artistry and spatial elegance. Our firm prioritizes client satisfaction, adhering to their specifications and embracing innovation and creativity as core principles.

Hi There! I'm Sanjay Doshi Architect and Interior Designer

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Sanjay Doshi: Architect and Interior Designer Extraordinaire. With a passion for creating extraordinary spaces, Sanjay Doshi brings a perfect fusion of architectural brilliance and interior design expertise. Transforming visions into reality, he crafts captivating designs that redefine aesthetics and elevate the art of living. you right away.

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I Innovate And Bring New Possibilities In The Interior Design Of Each House

I am dedicated to innovation and bringing new possibilities to the interior design of every house. With a creative approach and a keen eye for detail, I strive to transform spaces into unique and inspiring environments. Let me bring fresh ideas and imaginative solutions to elevate the interior design of your home laborum.


I'm Specialized in The Management of Interior Design & Furniture Projects

I specialize in the management of interior design and furniture projects, offering comprehensive expertise in overseeing every stage of the process. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of design principles, I ensure that each project is executed with precision and excellence.

From conceptualization to implementation, I work closely with clients to understand their vision, requirements, and preferences. With a focus on creating functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces, I develop customized design solutions that align with the client’s style and budget.

As a project manager, I handle all aspects of the project, including space planning, material selection, furniture procurement, and installation. I collaborate with a network of skilled professionals, such as architects, contractors, and craftsmen, to ensure seamless coordination and timely execution.

With my expertise in interior design and furniture selection, I curate a harmonious blend of elements that reflect the client’s personality and enhance the functionality of the space. From residential projects to commercial spaces, I bring creativity, practicality, and attention to detail to every project.