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We are Rachana Architect, Interior Designer.

We create influence architectural and interior design which emphasize elegance and affection of space. We believe in designing space that exhibit simplistic epitome of art and space for living.

Ar. Sanjay Doshi

Sanjay Doshi: Architect, Designer, Interior Specialist. Crafting exceptional spaces with a perfect fusion of creativity and functionality. Elevate your environment with Sanjay Doshi’s expertise in architectural and interior design.

What I Do



Architectural design

Architectural Design: Crafting visionary spaces that blend artistry and functionality, shaping the built environment with innovation and elegance.


Interior design

Interior Design: Transforming interiors into personalized havens that reflect your style, infusing harmony, and creating spaces that inspire and delight.​



Landscaping: Creating captivating outdoor environments that harmonize nature and design, transforming spaces into serene and vibrant retreats.

Most Recent


Architect and Interior Projects: Bringing visions to life through innovative architectural designs and captivating interior spaces. Experience the perfect blend of creativity, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Elevate your surroundings with our expertise in architectural and interior design.

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Khushboo Makwana
Amazing Work.
Chauhan Rakesh
Very Nice Work
Ankush Doshi
Very humble and generous person. I got better planning alternatives and time to time services.
Asad Kachba
Best at services and great knowledge of field and planning